The Samaritan Neighborhood Center’s Student Tutorial Endeavor Program (STEP) provides a year round program for low income children and youth in Oakland, CA.  STEP includes after school tutoring, desktop and mobile technology, recreation, arts and crafts, mentoring, leadership development opportunities, field trips and camps.  Student transportation from local schools to SNC and then home is provided daily.  With technology and the internet as major components of our world, both socially and economically, it is essential that all young people should learn desktop publishing skills and social media along with access to reliable high-speed internet.

SNC classrooms and STEP tutoring program are set for both CLEAN and DISTANCE Learning.

Samaritan Neighborhood Center

534 - 22nd Street

Oakland, CA  94612


Landline:   510.832.4328

Facsimile: 510.832.4327



To provide a diverse program that adequately meets the educational, physical, emotional and social needs of at-risk children and youth, in order to promote their sense of well-being and THEIR potential to break the cycle of poverty.

SNC is adhering to

Oakland COVID-19 Guidelines!



Steven Reimer